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Home and School Bylaws


New Glasgow Academy Home and School Association
BYLAWS As of June 2014

The following are the bylaws of the New Glasgow Academy Home and School Association as drawn up by the Executive Committee of the Association and submitted for approval to the members at the general meeting of June 2014


  1. To provide a social and communication link between the home and school.

  2. To stimulate a greater knowledge of the educational process through guest speakers and open discussions.

  3. To organize and supervise fundraising to enrich the educational programs for the children attending the school.


  1. Membership shall include all parents and guardians of elementary and  middle school children and school faculty.

  2. The association will support the administration of the school in their endeavors on behalf of the school.

  3. Any parent or guardian volunteering on behalf of NGA Home and School ; within the school, during a school event or fundraiser  will exhibit and promote positive communications between students, teachers and fellow parents or guardians and will conduct themselves in a respectful manner.


The elected officers of the association will be President, Treasurer, Secretary and you need a minimal of 4 additional members for voting purposes.  


  1. To direct and administer the affairs of the association.

  2. Coordinate and organize fundraising and social events.

  3. Represent association members in matters of interest to the community.

  4. Develop association policies and long-term planning.


Nominations and elections for elected officers will be brought forward to the floor at the last meeting of the new school year and will be held as follows: President – every year a new Vice

President –Can decide if they want to stay on for additional years.

Treasurer and Secretary - Can decide if they want to stay on for additional years

Where more than one candidate has accepted nomination, election will be held by private ballot. Where there are two or more nominees, the candidate receiving the highest number of votes will be declared elected. In the event of a tie, the nominations committee shall determine the candidate who shall be declared elected.  The Nominations committee includes all returning Executive Members.


Finances of the association will be administered by the Executive.

Signing officers will be the President, the Treasurer and the Secretary.  All cheques must be signed by two of the signing officers.

The executive may approve expenses up to five hundred dollars ($500.00) without approval from the general membership.


Amendments to these bylaws may be made Sept and June as needed. Respectfully, submitted  June 3 20134 by current Executive.

 PRESIDENT –  Janice Croft

 SECRETARY – Stacey MacKay

 TREASURER – Stacey Munroe

NGA MEMBERS-AT-LARGE –Allison Wilson, Jackie Whitamore, Kelly Skinner, Christena Halliday, Lisa Landry


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